A badge-tastic moo-mento!

Girls Can Do Anything! is a mini moo with an empowering message.

You can find the mini moo displayed at the Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences  can book free tickets to visit the Sedgwick Museum from Thursday – Saturday through the booking system.

The team at Cambridge East have also, in true Guiding tradition, produced an exclusive badge, for that ultimate memory of the Cows about Cambridge Trail!

Badges have been collected since ancient times – Greek, Roman and Christian pilgrims to shrines made collections of miniature images of gods and goddesses or their emblems.

If you are, or ever have been, a member of the Girlguiding or Scouting movement, the concept of a camp blanket will be very familiar to you. It is a tradition used to document your Guiding or Scouting life, as well as an essential item for a cold night at camp! Camp blankets covered in badges are a warm and fleecy scrapbook of your journey and experiences, an historic document or folk art, personal to you.

The Girlguiding Cambridgeshire East ‘Cows about Cambridge’ badge has been expertly designed by Sheila, a highly creative and talented volunteer from Cambs East. Anyone can order the badge – whether it’s as a fun patch to embellish an item of clothing or a bag, used in a scrapbook, a memory of a visit to Cambridge, or to add to your growing collection of badges on a blanket – it’s available for all.

‘We think it’s a perfect memento for the Cows about Cambridge 2021 trail.’

Order your badge at a cost of £1 plus p&p using the order form available here.

Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021