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23 September



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Farewell Event

17-19 September, Ping Pong Parlour




On 23 September 2021 the cows will be auctioned to raise funds for Break.

Farewell Event

Say goodbye to the cows at the Farewell Event on 17 -19 September 2021.


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Over 10,000 young people and children were involved in creating 46 mini moos.

Thank Moo to everyone who came to enjoy our trail in the Summer of 2021!

The cows left their locations on 5 September 2021 and they were auctioned at The Graduate Hotel on Thursday 23 September by auctioneer Charles Hanson.

The total taken on the night was £257,100 and the money raised went to local charity Break. For the full story on the event and to see the final cattle-logue for each cow click here.

The mini Moos have been returned to their creators for the schools, colleges and community groups to enjoy for years to come.

Thank you to all our sponsors, partners, supporters, moo crew volunteers, artists, schools, the local community and residents for making this happen.

We have loved adding colour and fun to the summer of 2021, we hope you enjoyed the trail too. 

For more information on the auction and keep up to date on our moos stories on the news blog or the Charity Auction page.

For more trails please visit Wild in Art.

Have you Herd the Moos?

24th October 2021

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24th September 2021

Cows about Cambridge raised a moovellous £257,100 in a charity auction hosted by celebrity auctioneer Charles Hanson at the Graduate Cambridge hotel yesterday evening.The charity auction saw almost 300 in-person and.... Read More

24th September 2021

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22nd September 2021

This weekend, several thousand Cow spotters milked a final opportunity to say goodbye to the beautiful bovine sculptures that have grazed the streets of Cambridge this summer, ahead of their sale at a charity auction on .... Read More

15th September 2021

Celebrity auctioneer and TV personality Charles Hanson will preside over a moovellous auction to be held at the Graduate Hotel, Cambridge from 7pm on 23 September.Some 43 Cow and mini moo sculptures will go under the.... Read More

8th September 2021

The Cows about Cambridge charity auction is currently accepting online bids for 43 udderly unique lots designed by regional and national artists. Stunningly beautiful, the lifesize Cow sculptures start from £1,000 each;.... Read More

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