Natalie Guy

Graduated from Winchester School of Art in fashion & Textiles 1999. Nat has enjoyed creating many wonderful works of art both locally and nationally & internationally ever since.

Each mosaic has a special story behind it whether it is the character of an animal that develops during the mosaicking period or the delicate structure, representation of a flower and its origins, the mythological tale of a fictional beast, traditional design, whilst other pieces take on a feeling such as grace and elegance.

The work is all bespoke to the clients’ brief and can stem from a feeling, reflecting nature or championing an idea into a touchable, physical form to a contemporary installation for a public development to wonderful PR tales!

As a professional mosaic artist, the inspiration for designs and sculptures come from everywhere – it might be a hardware store, a ceiling, a simple structure of a leaf, a line from a poem, history or a single mosaic tile and this is reflected in the final piece. Work has been created from tiles made of glass, porcelain, iridescent, ceramic) and also non-conventional materials including Swarovski crystals, hex nuts and even jigsaw pieces. Sometimes the artist uses her own handmade tiles, used luxury gold leaf, and even diamonds!

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Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021