Sasha DeWitt Studios

Sasha started drawing at the age of 36 after being widowed with an infant to care for. Making art helped through the grieving process, and working from home made it easier to care for her daughter.

Over the past ten years Sasha studied for both a B.A. in Sequential Illustration and a M.A. in Children’s Book Illustration, and currently works as a full-time freelance artist.

Primarily using inks on paper, Sasha loves the transparent quality of ink and being able to layer it up and push it around on the paper and record the marks that are made this way.

Sasha enjoys drawing both from the observed world around well as from memory. Drawing the local flora and fauna when walking by the Great Ouse river is a passion. Back in the studio the artist likes to mix drawing with what’s been observed. There is an emotional connection between the creator and the subject, but when painted is underpinned by the memory of the observational drawing carried out in the field, allowing Sasha to capture the essence of the subject.

Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021