Creative ways to fund your mini moo

Spinney School Mini Moo

Packages for the Learning Programme start at £695 (+VAT), which includes a blank mini moo sculpture and a cross-curricular creative learning resource pack with lesson plans, templates and activities.

Participating schools will see their 3D masterpieces displayed on the art trail in the city’s cultural and leisure hubs. After 10 weeks on public display, the mini moos will return to their forever pastures in the schools and communities that created them.

Wild in Art has some top tips to help PTAs raise funds to enable their children to become part of this inspirational project:

  • Get moo-ving. How about a sponsored sporting event?
  • Let’s make beautiful moosic. A ticketed musical extravaganza by pupils and teachers.
  • Cow-moo-flage. Organise a dress-up day or a non-uniform day with a difference.
  • Cow splats! School fete visitors donate to ‘splat’ willing volunteers. It may get messy…
  • Udderly hilarious. Could you host a sponsored joke-a-thon or comedy evening?
  • Seen but not herd! Dreaming of a little peace and quiet, why not hold a sponsored silence?
  • Night at the moo-vies. Host a film night with popcorn.
  • Is it pasture bedtime? Create a sponsored read and magical storytelling event.
  • Whole-school splat. How about a sponsored version of this classic circle game involving everybody in your school?


Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021