Walking with the Blue and Green Badge Guides


Organised By: Cambridge Blue or Green Badge guides

Event Location: Cambridge

Event Address: The MooMoo-o-Tron III (Cow No. 19)

Event Type: Family


Event Time: Various

Event Date: 28/06/2021

End Date: 04/09/2021

Event Price: £15 for one adult plus up to two children


Hoof a great time accowpanying one our qualified Cambridge Blue or Green Badge guides for remarcowble barn-storming encownters with some of our favourite cows about Cambridge. You’ll be amoosed to udderstand what inspired their artists, and “how now” they connect to the history of our city.

Find out answers to these great questions:

Why does the Sir Isaac Mooton cow feature a cat?
What ‘leaping’ feature is close to the Hey Diddle Diddle cow?
What was codified near the Four Four Moo cow?

Each booking makes a donation to Break, an innovative East Anglian charity that provides hope and support for vulnerable children and young people.

Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021