Heard by the Herd – Cow-mmunity Project

Heard by the Herd is the community engagement strand of Cows About Cambridge that has been funded by Arts Council England.

Three experienced artists from Cambridge: Penny Sobr and Beverley Carpenter from Oblique Arts and Hilary Cox Condron, will work with participants from 3 under-represented community groups to explore the themes of identity and inclusion.

Pic Abbey Teens with Oblique Arts: Penny Sobr, artist/iIlustrator and Beverley Carpenter, artist. Trash Moo

Members of the LGBTQ+ community, Abbey Teens (a group of young people from the economically deprived Abbey area of the city) and a group of older women at risk of isolation based at Manor Care Home will take part in a series of workshops; they will learn new creative skills and, led by the artists, the outputs and ideas will be stitched together to create an immersive and interactive installation in a vacant retail unit at The Grafton Centre in Cambridge City Centre.

Pic Hilary Cox Condron in collaboration with the Kite Trust, Encompass Network, Cambridge Pride and Cambridgshire LGBTQ community – Moosha P

The Heard by the Herd installation will form part of the Cows About Cambridge art trail, and will enable the groups who have to work harder to get their voices heard to be involved in the largest public art project event to take place in the city.

Pic Residents of Cambridge Manor care home with Oblique Arts: Penny Sobr, artist/iIlustrator and Beverley Carpenter, artist – Sabeesha the Mystic Moo

Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021