Moss Cow

Moss Cow

The Details

Name: Moss Cow

Location: Cambridge University Botanic Gardens (Hills Road entrance)

Created by: Chris Pointon

Sponsor: Stagecoach East

Design Inspiration

Inspired by the CityTree, this climate-friendly moss cow absorbs CO2 and other pollutants and emits oxygen. The sensor shows the air quality near the cow, which can be compared to other sensors around Cambridge via a website. The aim is to raise awareness of climate-positive changes people can make in their own lives. Created by ‘mission control’ for grassroots initiatives.

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More details on the design: The climate-friendly Moss Cow absorbs C02 and other pollutants and emits oxygen. The sensor detects the air quality near the cow, and beams it to a live readout at, where you can also learn more about air pollution and climate change.

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Moss Cow Mooves the Conversation on to Environmental Themes


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