The Moostery Sculpture

The Moostery Sculpture

The Details

Name: The Moostery Sculpture

Location: University Museum of Zoology (inside), Downing Street

Created by: Laura-Kate Chapman

Sponsor: University Museum of Zoology

Design Inspiration

This isn’t a cow! As scientists worldwide investigate the environmental impact of cattle, we were given the chance to include an animal on the trail that represents both our collections and the incredible conservation work taking place in Cambridge.

Rhinos are conservation icons. People in this building are developing ways of combining conservation with farming – protecting rhinos whilst supporting local communities with jobs, education and healthcare.

All of the animals painted on the sculpture can be found on display in the Museum: from Darwin’s pet octopus to the fin whale above your head, to the four-tonne giant sloth and the famous dodo. Cows and rhinos both have horns. Go to Reception to pick up a trail exploring the horned beasts on display in the Museum.

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