TRASH ART MOO and mini moo

Trash Art Moo and mini moo

The Details

Name: TRASH ART MOO and mini moo

Location: Herd by the Herd, The Grafton

Created by: Abbey Teens with Oblique Arts: Penny Sobr, artist/iIlustrator and Beverley Carpenter, artist.

Design Inspiration

Recycling and Trash Art is the inspiration for this Mini Moo! Teenagers in Abbey painted it in gold and decorated it from ear to hoof in a mosaic of cut up recycled compact discs, with protruding plastic bottles and toys, creating a bedazzled sparking moo fit for its place in the Cow-munity Temple Installation at the Grafton Centre.

The group had conversations about climate change as they created the artwork. ‘My Generation will Save the Planet’ is the Abbey Youths’ SOS message in a bottle to the world.

Abbey Teens are part of the wider group, Abbey People. Based in the Abbey and Barnwell area, they are community-led, providing a range of exciting projects for the local community.

Oblique Arts works with disadvantaged communities to deliver high quality arts: exhibitions, events, workshops and teaching, and they have been working in Cambridgeshire and beyond since 2007. Penny Sobr gained a degree in Illustration and Graphic Design and became a freelance fashion illustrator in her native New Zealand before making the move to the UK. She has worked as a freelance illustrator for clients including: Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, Elizabeth Arden. As artist/tutor for Oblique Arts she has delivered projects for the City Council, Cambridge Folk Festival and Tate Gallery London. Beverley Carpenter holds a PhD in collaborative public art practice and works as an artist and curator in the UK and EU.

Supported by Arts Council England.

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