McFlurry and the story behind it’s creation

Here is our story from Coates Primary School

‘We were very excited when the project first came up as it was something completely different to projects, we had done before. As soon as our Cow was delivered it was named McFlurry by the excited children in Year 4 and we got to work fundraising. Through our harvest festival coffee morning and selling milkshakes on the playground at break times for several weeks we raised an amazing £500. I’ve never known children to be so enthusiastic for milkshakes!

After gathering ideas from the children and staff, we designed the cow to reflect the personality of our school, being one of the few schools in the Fens to take part we wanted to show this in the design. McFlurry then spent the next week journeying between classes to be painted by all the children and staff as each year group had a different section to complete. We were all very excited to hear McFlurry will be in Primark and though the school hasn’t currently any planned trips to go and visit due to covid regulations, individual staff and children have expressed wishes to go and see him and all the other Cows of Cambridge when the trail is live.

When our mini moo is returned to the school, we will find him a home somewhere in the school where everyone will be able to see him and remember how we pulled together as a school to fundraise and then decorate him.

We have really enjoyed being on the project and having the opportunity to take part.’


Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021