10 Creative

10 Creative are a lean strategic branding agency, specialising in start-ups and scale-ups. 10 Creative combine strategy, identity and activation to build powerful brands that exceed the ambitions of their founders.

They operate with the spirit of a start-up: they think deeply, move quickly and act consciously to build a better future and, like the best start-ups, they create extraordinary impact.

Their work accelerates the impact of world-changing businesses and they would hope that, on another level, they also leave the world a bit better than they found it. It’s for this reason that 10 Creative try to have a positive impact across everything they do: sourcing ethically, locally and trying to contribute to their much loved Cambridge community. 10 Creative are super proud to have been involved in this project from its inception, from initial naming and branding and now building a Cow of their very own.

Website: 10creative.co.uk

Twitter: @10creative

Cows about Cambridge 2020

Cows about Cambridge 2020