St Mary’s School with Mary Moo

In order to further explore the ‘Cows About Cambridge’ concept and involve the whole school community, St Mary’s School hosted a moo-vellous ‘Mini Mâché Moo’ project.

As part of the wider Mary Moo project, students from years 7-13 opted to design their very own ‘Mini Mâché Moo’ influenced by their favourite artist, designer, or craftsperson during mental health awareness week. This activity promoted not only the joy that creating and making can bring us but also sought to inspire our community to join the Cows about Cambridge trail this summer. Teachers were also encouraged to join in through a special ‘staff-workshop’ during which they developed Mini Mâché Moo’s based on their favourite theme.

During these specific workshops, hosted in our fabulous studio 47 art centre, students designed and created their own papier-mâché cow using a variety of materials including collage and acrylic paint. St Mary’s school has now become the site of their very own mini mâché moo herd. Our Junior School pupils also joined in the fun and developed their own herd!

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Cows about Cambridge 2021

Cows about Cambridge 2021